Gracy’s Destinations – 20th time I go to !!!! (Day 6)

Gracy’s Destinations – 20th time I go to !!!! (Day 6)

Today I remembered a place I sometimes visit by mistake and since it opened I got to it about 20 times. So for this badge, I’ll write about it ^^

*tries not to scream*

HK in SL is Astralia’s Place and it’s all approved and okayed by Sanrio, so we’re getting the REAL DEAL ❣️

It’s SUPER huge and has a lot to do. You’re not even gonna pay for the tickets ❣️

You can first buy super cute HK toys and clothes, if you want to see how any of them looks maybe I have a friend that can show you coughs coughs and gachas full sets … anyway.

You can stroll around and eat yummi sweets made by Cinnamonroll in the HK kitchen until your tummy gets bigger than Tuxedosam

Then you can ride the huge ferris wheel but gotta be taller than Happy Hedgehog. Don’t wave your hands, the waffles cream flies so easy giggles SORRY PERSON WHO HAPPENED TO WALK THERE IF YOU’RE READING THIS

There’s a maze next to it, I didn’t went in because I never find the exit 😦

Or you can ride the splashy boats better if you don’t wanna get lost.

Now there’s also a path of ❤️, super cute you can invite a friend winks to walk with you. A fun game is to try to jump around the kitties not that i did that.

There’s a Little Twin Sisters balloon ride. Who’s your favorite?

And then you can relax with some more HK vegetarian *yay* food.

There’s anotheeer !!! super cute boat ride

A super awome play park

and if you know who pom pom purin, my melody or kero-kero are, you can play the hello kitty race and quiz game with friends !

There’s more, a whole water park and other hidden stuff, all waiting for you.

Gracy’s Destinations – Apocalypse and After it (Day 5)

Gracy’s Destinations – Apocalypse and After it (Day 5)

It finally happened. I don’t know if it was her (Umbrella Academy HUGE SPOILER IF YOU CLICK) or the zombies but yea

So I woke up in this place, and it was past wakey time. I think I was naughty and stayed up late again, but I totally missed the apocalypse happening and I woke up in the POST apocalypse.

So I thought i could go out check it out. I heard rain, to add to the mysery so i got an umbrella that happened to have with me.

There’s one thing you got to know about the apocalypse, it’s REALLY boring. I mean, I suppose it’s not much to do, but if the end of the world comes I want to still play Animal Crossing I mean come on.

It’s full of destroyed buildings and rust, but the bright side a lot of stuff in the stores, it’s like self-service without paying. And you don’t even care if you stuff your face in chocolate and ice-cream because nobody is around to see you, not that I did that. I did eat chocolate and ice cream all properly, but somehow the pictures got deleted.

The apocalypse I saw was well done, awesome details but super boring, which I guess, it’s totally right.

Gracy’s Destinations – Haunted adventures (Day 4)

Gracy’s Destinations – Haunted adventures (Day 4)

So this is a haunted place, with a lot of scary stuff ! I found out a lot about Mel, that has a little smile on her face staring at the most grotesque things ever ! Her face was motionless at the horrors !

The horror story starts with a GHOST train that never comes. But you hear the screams.

Then you end up in all kind of spooky places, murder scenes, ghosts dancing and other weird stuff !

Meanwhile, Mel still cold and calm. What is inside this girl ?

I did found a daddy for Mel. We danced, he got funny. Then I thought to do the test, but he failed and kept dancing.

We continued our trip and found his boat parked nearby. Not the best boat there is, so I think he was totally not the one. I mean I’m sorry, but WHO picks that green for their boat right ?

After all the scares I was happy to see he does have feelings for me and left out some nice posters about me. ^^ Thank you Daddy Pirate, sorry you’re lame !

Our journey continued, and we found a weird scary circus. I found another potential there, but he was even worse than Daddy Pirate and was not doing much.

Then we got into a haunted killer house. Mel, again, silent and unfazed. What monster do I live with ??

I saw some hands from a prisoner when I was looking for my contacts. I kept looking but nothing happened.

And here me trying to escape the spiders, but somehow I fell on my butt.

Overall the sim is funny, but not great looking. This was the okayshest thing I saw.

And the WORST scare I got was this, by FAR

Like srsly ? Prim doors? WHAT KIND OF GROTESQUE SHOW IS THIS ?

Gracy’s Destinations – Color Alchemists (Day 3)

Gracy’s Destinations – Color Alchemists (Day 3)

Color Alchemists is a fun place that gave me vibes like Howl’s moving castle.

Filled with particles, huge statues, and strange things, it lets you immerse in a really fun mix of Alice, Ghiblli and Steampunk.

And the most awesome thing for me is that you get to dance !

I think you should totally visit this fun place, but you can ask Brass Googles for some googles to be more in tone !

Gracy’s Destinations – Nour (Day 2)

Gracy’s Destinations – Nour (Day 2)

Nour it’s a fun desert place. I’ve been in the dessert RL, it’s super close from me, and I feel it kinda captured the spirit nice.

It’s a cute place, calm with a constant market chatter but not the city tiredey one.

You can ride the camels and it’s fun. I kinda lost one, I hope she found her way back 😦

You can dance in the middle of the square

Or talk with this super cute little goat ^^

Nour is a fun and calm place to explore, and I think it totally worth to spend 30 minutes here, alone or with a friend !

Gracy’s Destinations – Strukturo (Day 1)

Gracy’s Destinations – Strukturo (Day 1)

Strukturo is an interesting place, that explores sound in 3D space sorta. Hearing is my worse sense by far, so I don’t think I got it very much more than hearing sound coming from different points if I was moving, but I’m super sure it’s a very interesting place for people into sound, sound in virtual words and nerdy sound stuff.

The design is not great, but I guess it’s to listen to it not watch it. Was not super bad either, didn’t wore my sunglasses even if the fullbright sprinkled around hit me. Looks way better if you play with the windlights !

The instructions were not great, I felt kinda confused, but I got it after all. Maybe I didn’t read something, but it’s still not my fault !

Because I want to use Black Dragon to do this badge, I also got a new cute AO !