Gracy’s Destinations – Haunted adventures (Day 4)

Gracy’s Destinations – Haunted adventures (Day 4)

So this is a haunted place, with a lot of scary stuff ! I found out a lot about Mel, that has a little smile on her face staring at the most grotesque things ever ! Her face was motionless at the horrors !

The horror story starts with a GHOST train that never comes. But you hear the screams.

Then you end up in all kind of spooky places, murder scenes, ghosts dancing and other weird stuff !

Meanwhile, Mel still cold and calm. What is inside this girl ?

I did found a daddy for Mel. We danced, he got funny. Then I thought to do the test, but he failed and kept dancing.

We continued our trip and found his boat parked nearby. Not the best boat there is, so I think he was totally not the one. I mean I’m sorry, but WHO picks that green for their boat right ?

After all the scares I was happy to see he does have feelings for me and left out some nice posters about me. ^^ Thank you Daddy Pirate, sorry you’re lame !

Our journey continued, and we found a weird scary circus. I found another potential there, but he was even worse than Daddy Pirate and was not doing much.

Then we got into a haunted killer house. Mel, again, silent and unfazed. What monster do I live with ??

I saw some hands from a prisoner when I was looking for my contacts. I kept looking but nothing happened.

And here me trying to escape the spiders, but somehow I fell on my butt.

Overall the sim is funny, but not great looking. This was the okayshest thing I saw.

And the WORST scare I got was this, by FAR

Like srsly ? Prim doors? WHAT KIND OF GROTESQUE SHOW IS THIS ?

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