Gracy’s Destinations – 20th time I go to !!!! (Day 6)

Gracy’s Destinations – 20th time I go to !!!! (Day 6)

Today I remembered a place I sometimes visit by mistake and since it opened I got to it about 20 times. So for this badge, I’ll write about it ^^

*tries not to scream*

HK in SL is Astralia’s Place and it’s all approved and okayed by Sanrio, so we’re getting the REAL DEAL ❣️

It’s SUPER huge and has a lot to do. You’re not even gonna pay for the tickets ❣️

You can first buy super cute HK toys and clothes, if you want to see how any of them looks maybe I have a friend that can show you coughs coughs and gachas full sets … anyway.

You can stroll around and eat yummi sweets made by Cinnamonroll in the HK kitchen until your tummy gets bigger than Tuxedosam

Then you can ride the huge ferris wheel but gotta be taller than Happy Hedgehog. Don’t wave your hands, the waffles cream flies so easy giggles SORRY PERSON WHO HAPPENED TO WALK THERE IF YOU’RE READING THIS

There’s a maze next to it, I didn’t went in because I never find the exit 😦

Or you can ride the splashy boats better if you don’t wanna get lost.

Now there’s also a path of ❤️, super cute you can invite a friend winks to walk with you. A fun game is to try to jump around the kitties not that i did that.

There’s a Little Twin Sisters balloon ride. Who’s your favorite?

And then you can relax with some more HK vegetarian *yay* food.

There’s anotheeer !!! super cute boat ride

A super awome play park

and if you know who pom pom purin, my melody or kero-kero are, you can play the hello kitty race and quiz game with friends !

There’s more, a whole water park and other hidden stuff, all waiting for you.

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