Gracy’s Destinations – Strukturo (Day 1)

Gracy’s Destinations – Strukturo (Day 1)

Strukturo is an interesting place, that explores sound in 3D space sorta. Hearing is my worse sense by far, so I don’t think I got it very much more than hearing sound coming from different points if I was moving, but I’m super sure it’s a very interesting place for people into sound, sound in virtual words and nerdy sound stuff.

The design is not great, but I guess it’s to listen to it not watch it. Was not super bad either, didn’t wore my sunglasses even if the fullbright sprinkled around hit me. Looks way better if you play with the windlights !

The instructions were not great, I felt kinda confused, but I got it after all. Maybe I didn’t read something, but it’s still not my fault !

Because I want to use Black Dragon to do this badge, I also got a new cute AO !

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