Looking for maid

Looking for maid

I’m looking for a personal maid & lady’s maid (can be same person).

Discipline and punishment, chores, training will happen. I prefer commission chores but I can also throw some dirt around my house.

For lady in waiting, helping me dress, undress, or Melody, go find stuff for me, come with me to all kind of places, hang out and arrange napkins etc.

You will get punished when you misbehave, spanked or other things, and you’ll get some rules. You will usually be under me and sometimes under Mel, or over Mel when I tell you to.

I’m playful and you should be the same.

❣ You need to:

○ Speak English
○ Intersect with my online times, the more the better
○ Be all mesh or willing to go mesh, I can help you with money and advice.
○ Sometimes be a good girl
○ Be somewhat genuine D/s, not role play a submissive. I’m a lifestyler, not a character. Beyond roles, I will act as your light mistress about this.

❣ I’m NOT looking for a Yes Miss / No Miss decoration. It’s ok if you are more bratty, or cheeky.

❣ I prefer someone that’s a switch, I’m open to all kind of funny situations, but I’ll be Queen Miss Bossy most of the time.

You will be given accommodation if you need.

Check my profile before you message me and my f-list https://www.f-list.net/c/gracepine .

Grace Diana Joy Pi’ne (gracestalker)