Cookie Poems

Cookie Poems

Melody is my loved person. She’s a lot of things for me, first my cookie 🍪 daughter. Here are two poems she wrote.


I have a mama
Her name is grace
I really love her
From earth to space

She is also stiina
Pi, magda and moni
Has many other names
But they all call me honey

We like to play games
Take pi tures and explore
She teases and beats me
I always want more

Some days we play plushie
Other days we play cat
Were also cheerleaders
I always end on her lap

But some days are special
And i get some cat food
Y eat all the yummies
Mama spasms and gets in the mood

Other days we just cuddle
Kiss and hug all day long
She picks me up in her arms
My mama is so strong!

I love to see her smile
Laugh and be happy
I try very hard to do so
Id even wear a nappy

I prefer not to, though
There are other ways
She just needs to know i love her
And with her i want to spend my days.


Ecery morning when i get out
The stars still shine in the dark night sky
Is way too early, some might pout
But i jut sit and smile and sigh

Some just see some shiny twinkling lights
What i see is my mama in disguise
I see my mama smile
I see my mama laugh

I see my mama reaching with her hand
And taking mine to hold it tight
The she spreads stardust over us
Kisses my eyes my chin my nose

The stars is our special place
Where we can meet every single day
Remember she loves me and i love her
Even if we are so many miles away

I just hope that in the night sky
My mama looks up tonsee the stars
Cause im always there waiting
To remind her i love her from here to mars!